MINC Magazine is owned and operated by Morgan Ferguson.

After a late night Skype call to my beautiful sister Bree, while living on opposite sides of the country, we decided to pour the knowledge from various jobs, internships and general life into a brand new project.

MINC Magazine was born.

We know that understanding and appreciating each others strengths and weaknesses has paved the structure and success of this business. We have a common goal that was built on our passion and drive, and this has allowed for MINC Magazine to grow and develop into the established publication it is today.

Since launching Issue #1 in January 2013 we have had the opportunity to collaborate with many talented individuals from all around the world.  Throughout the entire first year of establishing MINC Magazine, Morgan and Bree were based on both sides of Australia, Sydney and Perth. While this proved difficult when setting meetings due to time difference, this also enabled us to form great relationships with designers, event managers, and also to build incredibly talented teams on both coasts.

As a business, we have an audience that is increasing 5% each week. Our readership for each issue is continuing to increase with Issue 9 reaching103,000 page views within the week of release. Moving into our second year, we are focused on maintaining MINC as a brand, developing our strategy and market positioning, and also continuing to work with talented professionals around the world.

“It’s all happening”

MINC Magazine 2015 Media Kit
Available to view here

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